Serra Passive Preamp


Serra Passive Preamp

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Limited edition hand made stereo passive preamp.

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The Serra Passive Preamp is the result of 6 months' of design and crafting, based on an open-structure hifi concept I have been working on for the past few years in my own DIY projects.  Everything is designed by me, and hand made/drilled/carved/sanded/soldered and assembled by me to my own specifications, using high quality components, finished with my surname on the front.  The knobs are new-old stock but I modify them for purpose.

Shown here is the prototype unit with the stepped attenuator option.

Please click here for my dedicated page to see more photos.

The unit is designed to be as electrically transparent as possible, helping your music to play as the artist and recording intended.

Currently the limited edition run is for 10 units.  

Each unit is unique - being hand made - and dated with a serial number on the underside.


  • Inputs: 3 selectable by Elma rotary switch
  • Outputs: 1 (line level)
  • Impedance: 50K or 100K (please email me first if you are unsure)
  • Volume control: Alps Blue Beauty stereo potentiometer, or Elma stereo stepped attenuator with Takman resistors
  • Base materials: white Corian/plywood (with hard sheen finish) substructure with aluminium fittings
  • Dimensions (approximate): length 140mm, depth 125mm, height 125mm, weight 700g
  • Wiring: solid copper
  • RCA sockets: gold plated
  • Feet: small rubber blocks

PLEASE NOTE: this is a passive device so there is no danger from shock from exposed parts.  Also, having switches and resistors out in the open is not deleterious to them as the switches are sealed units and can very easily be dusted or cleaned if required.  I have built many open devices like this over the past 3 or 4 years and none of them suffer cosmetically or functionally as a result of having exposed parts.

DELIVERY TIME: the preamps are built and assembled to order, which takes between 2 and 4 weeks.  So, with delivery time please allow a maximum of 5 weeks.

SHIPPING: the unit will be shipped inside a protective wooden presentation box.