As I lay down by the river and tired

Photographic Modi Operandi: Often whilst I'm walking and thinking, I try and collate my thoughts on things like photography.  It not only helps me improve my work but also with deciding what might make a good image.  The trouble is the thoughts come and go and I'm liable to forget them, so I'll start recording them here. 

One thing I instinctively avoid is making photographs of other people's work.  For example, I rarely take photographs of buildings where the design of the building is the point of the image.  I wouldn't want to take credit for a photograph where the success of the image is down to the beauty of the building.  There are instances where I included parts of a building in an image but there has to be an anonymity to it, or an accidental occurrence, for example a shadow casting an interesting shape or changing a facade, or a state of decay.  The same would apply to anything where someone has worked to create a beautiful or interesting form for its own sake, be it a sculpture, a car or a piece of graffiti.  Not that I think there's anything wrong with taking photographs of buildings or other designed objects, and beautiful photographs can be made of beautiful things.  It's just something I try to avoid in my own work.  To take ownership of an image I need to be sure I'm not infringing someone else's ideas.

A cast-off tyre in some dried grass - now that's what I call a beautiful accident.  I'm ok with using that :)