Hands Off

I have few goals in photography other than to take pictures of things I think are interesting and that most people would pass by without a second look.  One of my actual rules is not to physically interfere with a scene for the sake of compositional perfection or to inject meaning.  I much prefer to photograph things I find, as I find them.  The only adjustment I will make is to maybe come back another time when the light is different, or something else has changed without my intervention. 

This image is a case in point, because I think the composition is perfect as I found (and photographed) it.  Had the cone been off-centre or lying down I may not have taken the picture, so thanks to whomever took the time to place it dead-centre!  The meaning, if there is any, is ambiguous as cones have many interpretations: no entry; caution; slippery surface; no parking; students messing about; etc.  Incidentally - this picture was taken at a church on the Isle of Wight where my girlfriend's father is buried.  He was a stereo photographer, a variation on film photography that produces a 3D effect that has to be seen to be believed.