I studied art and architecture at several colleges in the 1990s and early 2000s.  Mixed in there was quite a bit of photographic darkroom time.  These days I enjoy walking around with my digital camera and looking for things that might make good pictures - 95% of the time I'm wrong, but I seem to get a couple of decent images a month!  The work on this website dates back to the mid 1990s although most of it was created more recently.  I try to photograph scenes and objects that contain subtle areas of interest or humour, or just something different; I'm not usually looking for the grand vista or natural beauty (although I have done that).  I like certain colours more than others and sometimes shoot objects just because of the colour, but more often than not I underplay the saturation in an image as it usually suits the mood better.  I love harsh light and bad weather but my cameras and lenses don't.  I tend to keep people out of my images but can work with animals if the context is right.  I don't have many photographic influences but if pressed on it I'd probably cite Bernd and Hiller Becher.  I live in London.

There's an interview with me on the lovely Pixsoul website here.

I do sometimes wonder why I bother with photography, my work might make you wonder why too.